Selling Your Business

Professional Support to Help You Complete the Sale

For most owner-operated businesses, the owner and their family’s primary investment is the business. Selling the business is one of the most important financial decisions the owner will ever make. NMCF helps private business owners sell their businesses to maximize their financial returns to support retirement or other financial and personal goals.

Selling a business is a complex endeavour with many steps to ensure a successful sale.

When you engage NMCF to sell your business you receive the full commitment of our team, access to any required professional resources and total confidentiality. NMCF has a high closing ratio on sales because of our detailed system of planning, marketing, due diligence as well as guidance and support for every step of the sale process.

With our NMCF advisors by your side, you are able to maintain a focus on your business operations, knowing that your advisors are advancing the business sale.

We help you:

  • Maintain confidentiality – to support business continuation
  • Achieve your exit strategy – sell the business to meet your goals
  • Maximize price – obtain best price and terms by leveraging interested buyers

Norton McMullen Corporate Finance Business Sale Process

1 Define Goals We identify success from your perspective as a seller. Every exit strategy has a combination of business and personal goals.
2 Valuation We work with you to identify the true market value of the business.
3 Confidential Information Memorandum The CIM is the primary tool in presenting your business to potential acquirers. This overview of your business is the key to create buyer excitement.
4 Marketing Identifying, reaching, attracting and screening potential buyers are keys to maximizing the price of your sale. This requires a strategic and proactive approach.
5 Deal Negotiation We guide every aspect of your negotiation while minimizing your exposure.